Why Every Real Estate Agent Needs to be Livestreaming

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Sep 02

This recent article on Poynter.com caught my eye, How do you make real estate visual? Curbed is launching a Facebook Live team to find out. The article mentioned how Curbed New York, ran a test of live video using Facebook Live, and decided due to success to put together a team for creating video.

One thing I found very interesting was that it mentioned,

A push into live-streaming might seem counterintuitive for Curbed — after all, real estate probably wouldn’t top a list of the most visually dynamic topics. But Kelsey Keith, Curbed’s editor-in-chief, says property is actually a natural fit for the medium.

“Curbed is inherently about places,” Keith said. “It’s not about static real estate anymore. It’s about cafés, shops, bridges, streets, architecture, design. It’s about people in different places.”

I thought the statement that real estate might not me a visually dynamic topic, was outrageous. One thing you can note from HGTV is that people love to look at homes. For this reason, I think live video could be the great equalizer for real estate agents, looking to compete in very competitive markets.

Using Live Streaming for Real Estate

Live video is one of the areas, that is not currently saturated with a ton of content, so it would be easier to stand out among the noise. With a minimal investment of a tripod and maybe a couple clip lights, any real estate agent could get setup to create videos. For those looking to shoot video in their home or office, the team at Wistia has a great article on hacking together a, Down and Dirty Lighting Kit. I’ve tested the Down and Dirty Lighting Kit on another Youtube Channel and was very impressed with the results

While you can find plenty of ways to use video for your real estate marketing, one great idea I haven’t seen used is instead of sitting around an Open House with your feet up, why not hold a few live streaming open house tours.

The Best Way to Market an Open House

For most agents, who are lucky to see 1 person walk through an Open House, using this time to create live tours would take previously wasted time, and instead turn it into a lead generation opportunity. Since most Open Houses are longer than an hour, I would take a try and broadcasting the live video tour several times, across different platforms.

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube all make live streaming video easy from within their app. I would run through the tour 1 time on each platform to start. Once you’re confident with doing live video, it would be just another step to incorporate some social ads, in order to leverage the value of each video.

Lastly, it’s the spontaneity of live video that makes it interesting. You want the video to be professional, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. The bigger goal is that you start creating videos. If you are having some issues with what to create videos about, start with one of the ten ideas listed below:

10 Things Real Estate Agents Should Be Livestreaming

  1. Open Houses & Virtual Tours of Your Listings
  2. Live Walkthroughs of Listings Your Previewing*
  3. A Guided Neighborhood Tour
  4. Showcase a Local Place of Interest
  5. Community Events
  6. Review A Local Restaurant or Coffee Shop
  7. Q & A on Home Buying or Selling Topics
  8. Interview Another Local Professional or Entrepreneur
  9. Client Testimonials
  10. Comment on Industry Trends or News

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