Direct Mail

Direct Mail for Real Estate


Generate more sales (& listings) with easy real estate marketing.

Using real estate postcards is a fast, affordable and highly-effective method for growing a real estate business. Often real estate postcards are used to “farm” an area for new listings but this method is only scratching the surface.

Highly Targeted

One of the best reasons to use direct mail advertising is that it allows real estate agents and brokers the ability to pinpoint likely buyers and sellers by specific neighborhood, house value, or by homeowner demographics such as residents ages, income range, and more.

Trackable ROI

Like PPC or Facebook ads, the ROI from a direct mail campaign can be measured. Over the life of the campaign, you’ll be able to track how many postcards were sent, then take it to the next level and track how many new buyer or seller prospects, then leads, then closed deals can be attributed to your postcards.

Get Up & Running Fast

Each step of the process, designing, proofing, printing, and mailing can be done extremely quickly, often in a matter of minutes, due to our proprietary technology. Often printing for your real estate postcards will begin within minutes. By outsourcing your direct mail needs, you can focus on growing your real estate business.

Tips for a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

The difference between a good and a great direct mail campaigns lies in the ability of a postcard to capture the person’s attention. A great postcard design catches the largest number of people’s attention. A great postcard also has the ability to then get a percentage of the recipients to take an action such as make a phone call to you, or visit your website.

5 Ways To Use Postcards for Real Estate

  1. Use geographical targeting with Just Listed & Just Sold postcards to grow your number of listings.
  2. Use direct mail to drive traffic to your website.
  3. Drive awareness for an open house, recent price change, or sponsorship of a neighborhood event
  4. Keep your name in front of past clients
  5. Offer quarterly market reports

How Often Should Postcards Be Sent?

Both the frequency with which you mail and the length of the campaign will vary depending on your list. Bear in mind, that you have to have your lists scrubbed at least every 6 months. You will want to get rid of those folks that are no longer candidates for this particular list, and you will want to add in new people.

In general, I mail every 4 – 6 weeks with once a month being my target. At times you will get behind a little bit; life will get in the way. Just make it a priority to get caught up and keep going.

How to Have Success With Direct Mail

  1. Be sure you have a goal and for each campaign
  2. Be Bold! Don’t be afraid to use eye-catching headlines and bold imagery
  3. Be sure each mailing only has 1 message. (Keep it simple)
  4. Try to include some sort of promotional offer like a free CMA or neighborhood valuation
  5. Don’t forget to look it over twice! Make sure all the important information in correct and included. (Logo, Your name, phone number, website)
  6. What Kind Of Response Rates Can You Expect?

    [NEED TO UPDATE THIS AREA] A study done by the Sales and Marketing Executives International a few years ago resulted in some impressive statistics. The number of deals derived from direct mail campaigns look something like this:

    After the 1st Contact: 2%
    After the 2nd Contact: 4%
    After the 3rd Contact: 6%
    After the 4th Contact: 10%
    After the 5th Contact: 81%

    The study went on to say that 90% of the people gave up after the 3rd contact. If you want to be one of the 10% who stick it out and close 81% of the deals, you must have a system for doing this. Without some type of system, it will never get done.

    Benefits of Direct Mail for Real Estate

    • You can gain high market exposure in the hottest neighborhoods.
    • As a way of reaching a specific geographic area, mailers are an excellent way generating leads.
    • The mailers are a physical product; people can hold on to them.
    • Position yourself as the go-to real estate person for your area.

    Listing Lead Generation Postcard

    Just Listed Postcard Example: